Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Accessing Android SQLite Database

When developing Android Application that stores data in SQLite Database, it is very useful to directly access the Database on the Emulator or Real Device from the Terminal to Debug or Test.
For instance as a Developer I want to verify data is saved in Database, debugging SQL Queries etc.

Here are the steps to be followed to connect to the SQLDatabase of the Device From the Command prompt

First Start the Android Emulator or connect a Android Device with the System.  Once The Device is connected we can access the Shell of the device though ADB. Note that ADB should be installed on the System from where we want to access the Android Database(s).

After the Device is connected open a Terminal and follow the following steps.

1) Get The List of Active Devices

$adb devices 
List of devices attached emulator-5554 device

This will give list of emulator or Devices connected to the System. (For me it is showing only one active Emulator emulator-5554)

Say we want to connect to database of the Device  emulator-5554. Get shell access to one of the Device(emulator-5554)

2) Access Shell of the target emulator
$ adb -s emulator-5554 shell
This will lunch the  shell for the target Device.

Now to access the Database we have to go to the following location

3) Go to Data Folder on the Device
Go to the data location on the Device /data/data/com.sidd.learnit/databases.
Here com.sidd.learnit is the name of the package. Under this folder the database is created in Android. One in this folder, I see the following under it.

These are the two databases for the Application that I deployed on the emulator-5554.

Here it is showing two databases
learnt and testappdb.

4) Open the SQLite Database learnt
sqlite3 learnit

It will lunch the sqlite3 command prompt.

Now we can execute commands to play around with the data.

See all the Tables in the Database .tables

Get all the data from Table hq_users Select * from hq_users

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